Dressing Your Body: “Inverted Triangle” Edition

Today I’m back with another body shape! The next three body shapes I’m going to do are categorized as the “unbalanced.” This is because they all have a feature that is significantly larger than the rest of the person’s body. This does not mean that these body types are “undesirable.” In fact, I was shocked to see how many websites said these body types were basically no good. Every body type has desirable and undesirable characteristics. The difference between the last two (hourglass and ruler) and the next three (inverted triangle, pear, and apple) are that the goals in dressing them are varied. In dressing the hourglass and the ruler, the goal is to keep the body balanced. The goal in dressing the next three body types is to create balance. Don’t think that because you don’t have a balanced shape that your body is no good.

Now that I’ve myth-busted, let’s start off with the inverted triangle (or an upside-down triangle)! When you hear that term, it may leave you scratching your head. However, it’s quite simple. An inverted triangle has a fairly large chest/shoulders and a tiny/flat butt. It kind of looks like this.


They tend to have a relatively small waist, but their hips tend to be about the same size as their waist. An inverted triangle could measure 36-26-34 (bust, waist, and hips). This body type tends to be less common, but I personally know at least 3 women who have this shape.

Here are an inverted triangle’s good ideas and bad ideas:

Bad idea #1: Low cut shirts. When your chest is out for the world to see, it will make it very obvious how much bigger it is than the rest of an inverted triangle’s body. Wearing clothes that flatter the body make it look proportionate and balanced. Wearing clothes that don’t flatter the body make it look disproportionate. Low cut shirts will make an inverted triangle look very disproportionate.

Bad idea #2: Pencil-type skirts. Any skirt that hugs an inverted triangle’s body will not be flattering. Because an inverted triangle’s curves are minimal on the bottom, a tight skirt doesn’t accentuate anything. In fact, tight skirts may not even fit an inverted triangle correctly, and therefore wouldn’t be a viable option anyhow. A tighter, pencil-type skirt will not flatter an inverted triangle.

Bad idea #3: Ruffles of any kind on the top half. Ruffles create volume. Volume makes things appear bigger than they are. An inverted triangle does not want to make their top half look larger, because it would throw the body off balance.

Good idea #1: Jeans with button flap pockets. These pockets are miracle workers. They can make any butt look round. Because the butt on an inverted triangle is much smaller than the top half of the body, jeans like this can create balance.

Good idea #2: Circle skirts. Circle skirts are great because they create their own volume-no curvy bottom needed. A circle skirt can instantly add balance to an inverted triangle’s figure.

Good idea #3: Peplums. These are all the rage right now, so you can pretty much find them anywhere. Peplums create the illusion of larger hips. Whether on a dress or a shirt, a peplum can create balance on an inverted triangle. Added bonus-they’re totally trendy! 🙂

Here are some pictures of what an inverted triangle should and shouldn’t wear (all images taken from http://www.forever21.com).

These are bad. Low cut, tight skirts…nope.

00050466-01 72310383-07


These are absolute perfection (circle skirt, peplum…)

17305759-01 59032711-01


Peplum (good)                                                       Ruffles on top (bad)

52287808-02 73663694-07

And here is what I mean by button flap pockets… (taken from google images)



Now…go rock those bodies you inverted triangles! 🙂



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